Claim Your Brain (Self-paced)

$50.00 4 Sections 5 Lessons

Course Description

Claim your brain is a powerful course loaded with tools to help you master your thoughts.

Each of us has negative thoughts and words thrown at us every single day.

Claim Your Brain, gives you the power to throw away the bad and keep the good in a fun and positive way. Make no mistake, this is a combat course for your mind. This is a battle for your freedom.

With the mastery of your thoughts, you will like yourself more than you ever thought possible. You will become the powerful architect of your life.

Claim Your Brain includes: four weekly videos, assignments with action steps, and worksheets.

Each new video is available weekly and can be taken individually on your own schedule. This is a journey of incredible discovery. As Robert Frost would say, it is the road less traveled.

Course Content

Step 1:

Download Checklist then move onto Bad Weeds OR Good Seeds
Steps of Light Daily Checklist
Bad Weeds OR Good Seeds

Step 2:


Step 3:

Reach Out

Step 4: