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Mentorship as it should be

learn. grow. achieve

What is Steps of Light?

Steps of Light teaches you to build your confidence, self-esteem, and spirituality one step at a time.

Our Courses guide you through the steps of mastering your thoughts and emotions. You will learn forgiveness and how to like yourself. You will be delighted at all that you will discover.

I know how to safely unlock your inner potential and help you begin your own personal transformation. Are you ready to begin?

I am ready to mentor you! Are you ready to learn the tools and step out of the darkness and into the light.

Step into the Light! 

Come and unlock your potential one step at a time.


“Darylee is one of those kinds of people you just want to be around! She is high energy and so much fun! She is highly inciteful. I would recommend her as a mentor any day!”

Julie Brown

I cannot express enough gratitude for the way Darylee has mentored me. She truly has raised me up, and given me wings I didn’t have before. Wings to reach for happiness, hope, light, and joy. She has truly inspired me to new heights, and given me tools to obtain my dreams. She is inspiring, full of love, wisdom, and understanding. She has truly helped me obtain so much spiritual progress, understanding, and happiness that I would not have had without her help. Thank you Darylee.”

Terri Coburn

“Mentoring with Darylee has helped me focus on my goals and begin moving forward and accomplishing those goals instead of staying stagnant. Darylee has also helped me to release negative emotions that literally immobilized me because I was so overwhelmed. She helped me to work through those emotions so I could keep going and succeed.”

Neicole Cooper

“Darylee is a kind, compassionate, and intuitive mentor. She gets it! She is fully invested in you and your success and will bring an infectious energy to the work you do with her!”

Marshall Lamm

Our time: 9:11pm UTC