“Darylee is one of those kinds of people you just want to be around! She is high energy and so much fun! She is highly inciteful. I would recommend her as a mentor any day!”

-Julie Brown

“Mentoring with Darylee has helped me focus on my goals and begin moving forward and accomplishing those goals instead of staying stagnant. Darylee has also helped me to release negative emotions that literally immobilized me because I was so overwhelmed. She helped me to work through those emotions so I could keep going and succeed.”

— Neicole Cooper

“I cannot express enough gratitude for the way Darylee has mentored me. She truly has raised me up, and given me wings I didn’t have before. Wings to reach for happiness, hope, light, and joy. She has truly inspired me to new heights, and given me tools to obtain my dreams. She is inspiring, full of love, wisdom, and understanding. She has truly helped me obtain so much spiritual progress, understanding, and happiness that I would not have had without her help. Thank you Darylee.”

— Terri Coburn

“I have had the pleasure of working with Darylee and watch her grow and develop as a mentor and presenter. She is truly an amazing person that shares fully from her heart and is devoted to helping others achieve the results they desire. What I love best about Darylee is she is willing to connect deeply and uses her own experiences in life to help guide others through their challenges and create a new vision and plan to achieve their goals. Her passion is contagious, her smile and spirit can light up the room and her warmth and compassion for others can lift you up and show you there is hope no matter how much it may not seem to be. When she presents, she keeps the audience engaged through her wit, utilizing her real life stories and experiences to show practical application of the wisdom she shares. I would highly recommend working with Darylee.”

— Dr. Jeff Kowachick, DC

“As Darylee mentored me, she was kind, patient, and caring. She explained why she was sharing the information and allowed me to give feedback, which I loved. She is a great mentor. I believe this is her calling in life because of her passion and caring for people.”

— Vivian Frost

“I have known Darylee for over 10 years and her integrity and kindness are unmatched. It’s hard to find someone who loves and cares unconditionally and helps you through your trials, struggles and has also been one of my biggest cheerleaders in life. She has seen me at my lows and highs and has inspirited me through life. Her wisdom and love always reminding me of who I am and that God is always for me. I feel of her love and kindness for me whenever I’m around her, and know that this is her talent. I love Darylee like a dear big sister and trust her with everything”

— Audrey Waldron

“My mentor, Darylee, is a Godsend! Just when I was ready to begin a new season of growth and healing in my life, she was there; coaching, guiding, inspiring and leading. She is always positive and loving, shining the light of loving truth before me. Ever flexible and ready to lift and inspire. Thank you, Darylee. I am finding myself, the light within, and the Light to follow ever more closely. God bless you.”

— Jocelyn Michael

“Darylee Ishimatsu is a mentor. She knows how to help people reach their goals. Not only has she studied mentoring, she has amazing personal skills that are necessary for mentoring. She has a depth of kindness that is far above the norm. She has a lot of understanding that has come from things she has conquered in her life. She is a fun person with a good sense of humor. She really cares about others and shows them with her loving words. I am sure you can see that Darylee has all of the necessary skills to mentor others. Anyone would be wise to use her as a mentor. I recommend that you hire Darylee as your mentor today!”

— Torri Sanders

“Darylee Ishimatsu is an amazing presenter, filled with passion, energy, and the ability to connect with her audience. She offers hope, excitement, and creates a playful atmosphere in being able to answer some of life’s complex questions. Her enthusiasm is contagious yet she easily relates with her audience and allows for moments of real connection, one on one, with her talent of build self worth. She shares tender moments and real life experiences, and has unique skill at pulling you into new understanding. She lifts all those within her sphere of influence with love and appreciation. Darylee is the epitome of a true friend, confidant, leader, and powerful messenger of the importance of loving yourself for who you are, and inspirational in helping those within her reach.”

— Joanne Hutchens

“Darylee is a kind, compassionate, and intuitive mentor. She gets it! She is fully invested in you and your success and will bring an infectious energy to the work you do with her!”

— Marshall Lamm

“I’ve had the opportunity to be around Darylee as we both attended conference trainings. I have seen a lot of growth and kindness in her as she’s attended these conferences. She is so willing to help others. She has a lot of knowledge and great tools to teach others to move forward in their life. I see her going far and helping many people with all that she’s learning and willing to do to help others in their lives. I’m so excited for you to work with her, learn from her, and move your life to a higher level by working with her.”

— Heather Murphy

“Darylee Ishimatsu is one of the nicest people I know. She realizes that most women struggle with not liking themselves and has a toolbox full of concepts and techniques to help women turn that around and really feel comfortable and confident being themselves. Darylee is sincere, loving, and safe. She is a mentor who can help you heal from a lifetime of negative feelings about yourself and your life, and who can help you move forward in joy.”

— Becky Edwards

“I had the great opportunity of getting to know Darylee at a Mentor’s Retreat. She is an amazing person who has been through some hard things in her life. She knows what it is like to struggle with chronic health problems and not liking herself. She has sought out those things that have helped her through classes, personal mentoring and a lot of pondering. Now she is a powerful presenter and mentor, teaching many groups of people and individuals how to like themselves through techniques such as vision boards, declarations, journaling and many other others. Darylee gave a powerful presentation on finding our Christlike attributes. She is a very happy and peaceful person. ”

— Vicki Young

“I went to one of Darylee’s presentations and I was amazed at how much I learned from her in about a half an hour. I will honestly not be the same after seeing and hearing her share ideas on how to like ourselves more. I was struck by her teaching style and the power behind her message—her power of personality and just who she is. We were trained in some of the same classes and I was so grateful I was able to be at her class. I urge you to go to every class she teaches. You will not only have a happier life, your kids and spouse will also be better off because of it. Do what she tells you to do so you can have the peace and happiness you want.”

— Torri Sanders

“Darylee Ishimatsu is truly a mentor of light! Darylee has mentored me through 2 ultra-marathons and also with helping me start a personal business. She shares love and personal stories in a way that is so beautiful and accepting that it motivates me to step toward my goals hand in hand with my Father in Heaven and to be accepting of myself and my accomplishments too. I have so much fun achieving my goals with Darylee as my mentor because she truly cares about them and whenever I feel discouraged, she shares a tool that boosts me up and helps me continue forward. Most recently I have been able have her “Steps of Light” mentoring with my son who recently returned home from his mission. My son was having a hard time with the transition and as I watched her share tools with my son in the language he understood, I was so grateful for the gift of having her as a mentor for both myself and for him. Later that night, I saw him organizing his tools from her and working on his steps of light. Darylee has been a life changing mentor to me for the past year and now she is also a life changing mentor to my son. If you want to feel the light of Christ in your life, Darylee is the right mentor for you. Her steps of light will fill you with joy and happiness as you step toward your goals. This light will elevate you so that you will have a clear vision of Gods love for you and you will feel peace and comfort as she gently assists you on your journey.”

— Melissa Schmidt

“Darylee’s “I Like Myself” course has helped me live each day with a new perspective. I’m learning that with God’s help I can achieve things that I had thought were impossible. Darylee’s powerful story inspired me to start making changes in my thinking, and the accountability built into her course has helped me keep pushing myself to become better than I thought I could be.”

— Thomas Callister



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Here is where you can briefly outline the membership options and provide a brief description of what each plan includes, their cost and length.




Here is where you can briefly outline the membership options and provide a brief description of what each plan includes, their cost and length.