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I provide simple & effective mentoring and personal mastery courses for those who seek self improvement.

What People Have to Say

“Mentoring with Darylee has helped me focus on my goals and begin moving forward and accomplishing those goals instead of staying stagnant. Darylee has also helped me to release negative emotions that literally immobilized me because I was so overwhelmed. She helped me to work through those emotions so I could keep going and succeed.”
Neicole Cooper
“I cannot express enough gratitude for the way Darylee has mentored me. She truly has raised me up, and given me wings I didn’t have before. Wings to reach for happiness, hope, light, and joy. She has truly inspired me to new heights, and given me tools to obtain my dreams. She is inspiring, full of love, wisdom, and understanding. She has truly helped me obtain so much spiritual progress, understanding, and happiness that I would not have had without her help. Thank you Darylee.”
Terri Coburn
“I have had the pleasure of working with Darylee and watch her grow and develop as a mentor and presenter. She is truly an amazing person that shares fully from her heart and is devoted to helping others achieve the results they desire. What I love best about Darylee is she is willing to connect deeply and uses her own experiences in life to help guide others through their challenges and create a new vision and plan to achieve their goals. Her passion is contagious, her smile and spirit can light up the room and her warmth and compassion for others can lift you up and show you there is hope no matter how much it may not seem to be. When she presents, she keeps the audience engaged through her wit, utilizing her real life stories and experiences to show practical application of the wisdom she shares. I would highly recommend working with Darylee.”
Dr. Jeff Kowachick, DC