Claim Your Brain (Lit-Up)

$100.00 5 Sections 8 Lessons

Course Description

Claim Your Brain is a four week, online course and the foundation of success.

Claim your brain is a powerful course loaded with tools to help you master your thoughts. Each of us has had negative thoughts and words thrown at us every single day. Claim Your Brain, gives you the power to throw away the bad and keep the good in a fun and positive way.

Make no mistake, this is a combat course for your mind. This is a battle for your freedom. With the mastery of your thoughts, you will like yourself more than you ever thought possible. You will become the master-weaver.

Claim Your Brain includes:

  • four weekly videos
  • assignments with action steps
  • worksheets

This course includes the entire online course of Claim Your Brain for 90 days with these added bonuses:

  • Five 30 minute live webinar workshops! During the first five weeks you will participate in a weekly 30 minute live webinar workshop. (These will be recorded and available to watch over and over for the entire 90 days of the course).
  • Q&A Sessions! At the end of each webinar is a Q&A session where you can ask questions and get answers from your mentor immediately. This experience is invaluable. (When you ask a question it opens up your mind to receive at a higher level.) These webinars are phenomenal. You won’t want to miss them.
  • Claim Your Brain Lit Up has a private Facebook group. You may also ask questions on the Facebook page and the mentor will answer them during the next Q&A. In Claim Your Brain Lit Up, you are part of a team that will help and motivate you as you overcome your personal obstacles. As you utilize these resources, it will be easier to accomplish your goals because you will have the team you need to succeed.
  • Additional bonus videos and tools. These will help ensure your success!!!

In Claim Your Brain Lit Up, you will discover tools that give you skills to enhance your learning and self-mastery. Tools that I have discovered and shared so that you have all that you need to truly master your thoughts.


You will have access to this online course for 90 days.

Course Content

Step 1:

Steps of Light Daily Checklist
Bad Weeds OR Good Seeds

Step 2:


Step 3:

Reach Out

Step 4:


Bonus Section

You will find that all the bonus content in this section is immediately available. However, Please adhere to the schedule below for completion: Order (Part 1):  7 Days after course enrollment Order (Part 2):  14 Days after course enrollment Say it – See it – Be it:  21 Days after course enrollment
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